PhD: First day!

Today was a very big day: I started my PhD! I decided to write a quick post about how my first day went to give other readers some idea of what to expect if they're due to embark a PhD; there's nothing worse than having that awful 'fear of the unknown' feeling. 


Versatile blogger award

Firstly, a huge thank you to Conservationist Krissy  (@Conservationistkrissy) for nominating me for this award! I've been reading her posts ever since I started blogging a few short months ago, and it turns out we have quite a lot in common (including our love for bats). I'm really pleased to have been recognised, as it's... Continue Reading →

Favourite things: July 2017

Each month I'm going to write a post about some (mostly science related) things I've enjoyed. Firstly, I'm loving this blog! Her posts have given me inspiration for when I begin my PhD in October. I like this blog too, in particular her post about bats and why we should learn to live alongside them (I'm a major... Continue Reading →

Well hello there, PhD!

I've been a useless and not posted for ages, and actually, I have a good excuse. Firstly, I was whisked away to Paris by my amazing partner, and secondly, I decided to take a punt and apply for a PhD on water pollution at the University of Exeter.

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