Why Halloween IS scary

Every year I see streams of carved pumpkins on social media, many of which are genuinely impressive and bursting with artistic flair.I'm not against pumpkin carving as an activity, I'm against how much pumpkin is wasted every year as people discard the pumpkin flesh and seeds after carving their masterpieces.If everyone ate their pumpkins, it... Continue Reading →


Can we live with a warmer planet?

'Humanity is performing an unprecedented experiment on global temperatures, releasing millions of parts of carbon which had been sequestered for millions of years.' - Mark Lynas, Author of 6 Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet I've always been fascinated by climate change, so I was excited to attend a recent discussion at the University... Continue Reading →

Favourite things: August 2017

Each month I'm posting a few of my favourite (mostly science related) things. You can read my July favourites here. Favourite blog 'Tell me about your research, this time with feeling' -  Susana Martinez-Conde & Stephen L. Macknik This is an excellent blog post about how science communication needs to build emotional relationships with the... Continue Reading →

I’m ‘batty’ about bats, why aren’t you?

I've always been fascinated by bats. They're the only mammals that can truly fly; if that's not cool, then I don't know what is.Whilst studying for my degree, I was lucky enough to study bats in urban areas for my third year research project. Whilst everyone else had a summer break, I spent an entire... Continue Reading →

Pets: welfare, health, and the environment

I completely understand why people have pets. I adore my cat, so I'm not in any way trying to dissuade readers from having pets. However, I have written this post to raise awareness of some of the issues surrounding our furry pals, particularly those seen in pedigrees. When I refer to pets in this post, I... Continue Reading →

Okja: a review

I'm not usually into films. I'm much more likely to read, because films rarely keep me engaged throughout, and I can dip in and out of books. I've also found that most films have become a bit 'samey', with a lacking storyline and overuse of special effects. But Okja? Oh my! This was such a... Continue Reading →

Why meat is off my menu

I am under no delusion that I'm suddenly an innocent bystander in climate change and food sustainability simply by cutting out meat. I am concerned about the environment, yet I still go travelling, and I still drive a car. I selfishly might even have children one day (ha, I want to work in academia, as if!), adding to the biggest problem we face: the human population. There are simply far too many humans on this planet, a lot of whom consume too much. Harsh, but true. Even Sir David Attenborough says so.

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