CCTV in abattoirs: problem solved?

As a small part of my role as a research technician, I make weekly visits to an abattoir to collect blood for my biting fly colony. It's a University abattoir, so follows strict welfare guidelines, but it still isn't exactly a nice place to visit. I've becoming increasingly concerned when considering what abattoirs with low... Continue Reading →


Pets: welfare, health, and the environment

I completely understand why people have pets. I adore my cat, so I'm not in any way trying to dissuade readers from having pets. However, I have written this post to raise awareness of some of the issues surrounding our furry pals, particularly those seen in pedigrees. When I refer to pets in this post, I... Continue Reading →

Okja: a review

I'm not usually into films. I'm much more likely to read, because films rarely keep me engaged throughout, and I can dip in and out of books. I've also found that most films have become a bit 'samey', with a lacking storyline and overuse of special effects. But Okja? Oh my! This was such a... Continue Reading →

A falconry experience day

As someone who has studied the pros and cons of animal captivity, I was feeling slightly apprehensive about what lay ahead. What would the enclosures be like? Where were the birds from? How are they being treated? Are they exhibiting signs of stress/boredom?

Why meat is off my menu

I am under no delusion that I'm suddenly an innocent bystander in climate change and food sustainability simply by cutting out meat. I am concerned about the environment, yet I still go travelling, and I still drive a car. I selfishly might even have children one day (ha, I want to work in academia, as if!), adding to the biggest problem we face: the human population. There are simply far too many humans on this planet, a lot of whom consume too much. Harsh, but true. Even Sir David Attenborough says so.

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