I’m basically trying to find my way into a career where I can make a difference, ideally helping the environment or wildlife. I studied BSc zoology at the University of Reading, and graduated in 2014.

Since then, I’ve had a wide array of jobs. I went a bit crazy and had 8 jobs simultaneously when I first graduated and decided to try and self-fund a PhD. Anyway, madness over, and I’m currently a research technician at the University of Bristol, which I love. However, I’m imminently leaving that job to embark on a PhD on water pollution at the University of Exeter, which I’m very excited (and nervous) about.

One of my main interests is bat conservation; get me talking about bats and you’ll be here all day. I’m also a keen entomologist, hence currently working on biting flies.

I love reading too, and will give any genre a go; if anyone can recommend an amazing book, please do. I write blogs for conservation-careers.com as well as this personal blog, so feel free to check out my articles page.

I quietly suffer from quite severe anxiety, which I’ve never publicly admitted before. I’m too nervous to write about it at the moment, but at some point I’ll give it a go as I know how important it is to raise awareness about mental health. Eesh. Anyway.